What is a NOMADIC ALTERNATIVE? perhaps a play on words which is something we like to incorporate into our work...
It can be an alternate state of being always adapting to this ever-changing environment,
or it's our statement to the world that we as expressionists are able to adapt to the status quo simultaneously thriving with skills and techniques to handle the current stream of design and literature...
On a more deeper level, it can represent to us the journey of the soul, passing through body after body, the world to world, in dire attempts to make it back to our source.
Either way, you look at it its captivating from the moment you say the word. Double takes are normal, they wanted to have their work have the same effect.
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Award-winning dynamic duo -Nelson and Xochitl Garcia-leal, are award winning independent artists that were raised and currently reside in Vancouver.

What they bring to the table is their 15+years of practice, their creative and innovative ideas, unique design and guarantee of your 100% satisfaction. With Xochitl acting as art director, producer, writer, negotiator and Nelson behind the artwork,  your business plus their expertise equal to success. From understanding your requirements to idea generation and from first blue print to handing over the final copy,they take your public image as theirs.


Their creative teamwork will surely amaze you with their ideas and dedication to the craft. With years of experienced having designed some impressive business printing material previously.Their technology is up-to-date and can make sure all their client’s specifications are catered to.



a.k.a. Dedos is trained as a classical animator, two time Juno Award winner, and has been working in the animation, music, and video game industries.


Born and raised in East Vancouver to Uruguayan parents where at a young age expressed extreme interest in illustration and performing art.
Eventually immersed himself in the Hip Hop scene during his adolescence and ended up becoming one of the pioneering  elements of the culture in Canada.

Upon winning himself a couple of Juno awards for outstanding album artwork,  he has gained global recognition for being a versatile yet original illustrator within various genres.

He works predominantly in the animation/gaming industry as a designer, but finds the time to focus on a variety of installations and print works.
What he produces are pieces that have delved in much thought and depth in regards to his subject matter.
He has an interest for expressing his cultural roots through his work and also for invoking awareness to a higher conscious way of being wherever he finds it possible to incorporate.



























is a visual artist/ writer/ producer/art director for the company over the past decade but above all shes been a dedicated mother to her 3 children, this to her is the utmost important contribution to society and willingly puts aside her many dreams in order for this to manifest properly.


Their joint effort student film 'Hijos de la tierra'  2001 was screened in various film festivals internationally and they won several awards.

They also have helped to harness the public image of some musicians that are well known today .






K-os: album art work for: EXIT, Joyful Rebellion, Atlantis and recently Can't Fly Without Gravity;logo and identity branding, 

concept and character design for animated music video for 'Heaven only knows' back in 2001
Avril Lavigne: illustrated graphic novel “sleight of hand and heart”
K'naan: album art work for 'Dusty foot philosopher', logo and identity branding

Delhi 2 Dublin : Album art work/logo for "Turn up the Stereo"/ Animatic for "Code Red" 
Ebrahim: animated music video for 'I'm Free, album art work for 'Goldrush', logo and identity 







K-os promo spotting
Dedos with sugar skull
Dedos and DJ Flipout
Dedos in front of his works
Painting with Ben Tour
Nomadz with the Teacha
Painting at Ayden
Dedos and Xochitl
Zebroc and Dedos
DEDOS in front of work
In front of mural
Rascalz crew
Dedos bboy stance
gallery show
Wise Club Mural
Incredible ease peice