Yes! We are also experienced in the production of 2d animation and we understand every piece of the production services pipeline. We successfully execute development through delivery in multiple styles across multiple platforms. Traditional animation to cutting edge digital. We treat every project with the same care and dedication that we apply to our own projects. We’ve been around long enough to have lived traditional animation, and we are innovative enough to be adept at the most up to date digital systems. Including; Flash, Harmony and Maya. Unsure about a specific look or technique? We can help fill in the blanks. Need development, writing or design? We can custom build a team to deliver exactly what you require, on time and on budget. Most importantly, Nelson aka "Dedos" has many years of experience behind him and can gather the best team for the to suit any budget and we drive to put more of the budget on the screen where it matters the most.


Here are some example designs for character development.

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avatar design for the purpose of change of expression during game play- property of Inspirado games