Various illustration styles

We work in different mediums depending on what the feel of the project may consist of, these images your seeing here are mainly digital and some classically drawn. Don't get us wrong...everything begins with the lead on paper, but if we're going to colour digitally, the image gets scanned into the computer and hand painted with a tablet pen. So really the process is not much different than the old school way,  we've had to just stay current with the times as the field has gotten to be very competitive so in a way we were forced into this medium but were glad we did take this route.

The old way usually will be an illustration with pencil then painted with acrylics and mostly with an airbrush, then touched up with pencil crayons.

At the end of every project we take on, we need to feel satisfied that it is visually pleasing enough not just for the client's eyes but to ours as well.

Before we let it out the door we aim for classic material that will last a lifetime.

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