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"Golden Era Icons" is an umbrella of a few various collections living on the blockchain network that is currently an undefined amount. This series will touch upon some of the greatest Hip Hop pioneering performers the world has ever witnessed. All executed in Dedos's original style and flavouring.

This will be an ongoing production for many years to come.

This collection could be thought of as a link and point the youth today in the right direction to the foundation.

So they can dig a bit deeper and do their own research on the pioneers in order to preserve the culture as a whole which was to uplift and grow as a conscious community.  

He is developing his own version of existing and deceased  MCS, DJs, graffiti artists, and real dancers who were significant to the era I'm referring to and lined them all up as a hall of fame if you will. 

Only you can propel the Goldies back into our collective consciousness.

Significant donations to the Bronx Universal Hip Hop Museum will be made in the near future.

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Bringing back the knowledge, one group at a time.

Paying tribute to the innovative artists of the Golden era is an idea I’ve been slowly cultivating for over a decade. 
Growing up in the '90s, as a graffiti artist / bboy, these artists inspired me, influenced me...saved me. I imagined an art collector series of all the MCs from the '80s through the mid-'90s who seemed to possess an incredible amount of originality. Throughout the inner city struggles, there was still a strong sense of innovation, inspiration, and resourcefulness; which we also possessed on the west coast of Canada. We looked to these artists who were rewriting the narrative and giving voice to many of us who felt excluded,underrepresented.
So this is my way of reciprocating and giving that positive energy back to the community.

It is my hope that the youth today will take the initiative to dig and learn about what it meant to be dope and enlightened.

What I have accomplished thus far is slim but it's just the tip of the iceberg.
Don't judge me by the color
of my skin, but by the content of my characters.

Draw Every Day Or Suffer.

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