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This is a unique passion project that lives on the Solana Blockchain
created by Dedos the Nomad.
a 1-of-1 customized profile pic collection of what "Dedos" means- fingers in Spanish. The iconography of the 4 fingered hands is an image Dedos used in his early days of Graffiti writing, which he decided to revive from the dead in this rare venture of Web 3 and will now live forever more.
These wild, out-of-the-box, toon-shaded hands in various poses,
portray a variety of moods and feelings.
The intent is to create various themes and showcase 4000 on different platforms.
The original ones started on Polygon on Opensea,
this is a continuation of the same series.
The holder of 5 handstylez will have the opportunity to get a significant discount on real-life products that Dedos will showcase on this website
Don't miss out on this limited series and there will be other variations of this NFT in the near future with unique utility.

Handsylez promo fo merch

Handstylez has its own handsome merchandise that exists on the nomadicalternatives shop.

Do yourself a favour and take look see what dope designs you are able to rock  in IRL ( in real life).

This brand by Dedos is his staple design that directly represents him as a graffiti artist
of over 30 years strong,
representing hip hop culture out on the west coast.
This is just the beginning of many more hand jobs to come.

Don't sleep on thisunique NFT collection as its strickly curated to a limited 1100 ( 1 of 1's) on both Polygon and Solana blockchains.

Expect more merch and collaborations with other innovative web 3 -2 artists.


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