Hijos de la Tierra

This prelude to a film never yet made, depicts the struggle of a Latin American indigenous family who's village has been under attack by the army.After witnessing the brutal deaths and tortures of their entire community they manage to flee.This scenario, although fictitious, encompasses many true stories as Latin America has a long history of genocide of indigenous people. To this day, many Latin American governments continue with brutal policies of forced sterilization, armed aggression and displacement to name a few.​​

I'm Free

a story about an average man with two different sides to him, both positive and negative aspects of this man co exist in this physical plane, at times they come close to bumping into each other.Until that very moment when eyes meet do they or at least he(the negative aspect ) come to realize something profound...what that is nobody knows...and nobody will know unless they are a true seeker.​​

4Real intro pitch to MTV

this was a proposal for the MTV series "4real" with host "SOL GUY."
We were trying to explore a new and simple look to display the esthetics of their logo as well as incorporate some footage from the series.
If you'll notice near the end of this, there are boxes being formed from the red lines, inside those boxes would have been footage taken from different parts of the world and the narration over top would have been describing the people, places and events of that particular show.

Hidden Agenda game intro

This used to be a facebook game that was gaining popularity , until the project got pulled.

Popcap games was onto something interesting with this concept small town, murder mystery except with anthropomorphic people.  What we did was provide concept art and a short intoduction to one of the case mystious murders.

Here we get to witness what happened during the time when Puckerwhip was poisoned... case 1 is all about finding out who murdered him, the whole town is suspect.

Delhi2Dublin - Code Red animatic

An animated modern telling of the ancient Hindu folk tale Ramayana, an epic battle between good and evil.

In our version, the protaganist (one of D2D team members named Hanu) has been held captive by the evil demon Ravana.

This was done in a moving storyboard format

(animatic) in order to create more funding for a fully animated short music video.

Hidden Agenda game intro ( roughcut)

                                                           the same concept above except this was prior in development.

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